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Twas the night before christmas - A visit from St. Nick.Twas the Night Before Christmas...

What was your family doing last year, a few years ago... or even a decade ago?  If it was anything like ours most years, it was anything BUT quiet.  Christmas Eve has become the biggest night of celebration in our home and with 5 grandkids ranging from 1 to 8 years old, it's a pretty noisy place from time to time. 

It seems like only a couple of years ago that our two kids were that age.  Now, we look at the beautiful grandkids we have and just wonder where all the time went.  Some of the memories from days past are still fresh, others seem to have faded just a bit... that is until we revived many of them in this Christmas Story Scrapbook.

Limited Time: Twas the Night Silver $27.00 Membership included with Hardbound Book purchase! 

Expires New Years Eve!

A visite from St. Nick - Twas The Night Before Christmas holiday theme scrapbook pages.Want to know how it all started?

It all started with a trip down memory lane... you know the one, we were looking through old photos as we did a bit of store room cleaning. 

Well, we were cleaning until we dumped the old box of family pictures all over the floor.  We couldn't help it.  The first photo we picked up was from when the kids were still in grade school.  We were in California at the time and had spent the whole day Christmas Eve at Disney Land.  Great family memory, but a story for another time.

My point is that we just couldn't resist looking through the box and reliving all the wonderful memories that had been forgotten inside.  It was amazing at just how much we had forgotten, replaced by all the problems of the here and now. 

That kind of unplanned event, the kind that catches your attention and makes time seem to just get lost for a while...  it really makes you want to hold on and not lose it again.  It tends to just hang there in the back of your mind and just nags at you to do something about it. 

Well, that's just what happened in this case; and it was still there in my mind a week later when we were looking at what we could do for our Parents (the great grandparents) this year. 

We didn't want to just buy something from the store or create a few holiday scrapbook pages... everyone's doing that.  If you have learned anything about Kathy and I, you know we hate being just one of the crowd.  HATE IT!  Besides, at their age, they don't need any more junk to pack around as they travel or to put in a corner to just collect dust. 

I'm not sure when it happened or even which one of us first said it, but some where in the conversation, it hit us... what exactly it is that we all treasure most.  What is it that we spend the most time talking about when we see them, what is it that they are always telling us about and others whenever they have the chance?  What is it that they complain the most about forgetting?

It's us!  It's all the memories that they remember of us growing up, it's all the little things we did to cause them to pull their hair out, laugh, cry and most of all treasure above all else. 

It's not just them either, we all love hearing the stories and reminiscing about the good ol' days.  We don't want to forget the good times and we have a need in each of us to pass many of those stories on to our kids and our grandkids.  We want them to remember us... even when we are gone.

Turning Memories of the Past Into the Future.

So, now all we needed to do was to figure out how to use this new found revelation and turn it into a gift that wasn't just your run of the mill every day put it on a shelf and forget it kind of gift.  How do we make it so special that it will be cherished for generations to come?  How do we make it so valuable that money can't compare to it's worth?  How do you capture the memories of the past and use them to create memories in the future?

I think Kathy got the answer first from our oldest granddaughter.  Her mother (our daughter) was in A Colorado Christmas. It's a dinner musical play here in Colorado Springs every year with a lot of talented actors and singers from Nashville.  This happened when she was about 9 years old.  Long story short... I was allowed to video tape the show a couple of nights and I combined the best parts into a single video for the holidays.  It's the girls favorite Christmas show every holiday now because they get to see their Mommy as a little girl in it.  I've since put it on DVD.

It didn't take much to realize that some of the best memories we have each year are now made when we are watching the musical.  We were making new memories using the past to tell the stories.

While not everyone has the good fortune to be part of a Broadway style musical, the answer to what you CAN do came from that very same musical.  You see, in that Christmas musical, they read the Christmas Story to all the kids.  So now, each Christmas Eve the grandkids insist we read the Christmas Story and Twas the Night Before Christmas before bed.  After all, that's what their mother did when she was little... right?

The Story Book Scrapbook is Born.

We now had the answer to the best gift you will ever give... a story book scrapbook.  Best of all, it won't just be any story book scrapbook, it will be the Twas the Night Before Christmas story book scrapbook.

All your most vivid and treasured holiday memories intertwined with the story of a visit from St. Nicholas.  You'll be able to relive the best stories of your families past holidays while at the same time be creating new ones with your kids, grandkids and even your great grandkids. 

It's an instant priceless heirloom the second it's filled with your families smiles and laughter.

This is the gift that just can't be left on a shelf to collect dust.  It's the kind of special gift that begs to be looked at and enjoyed... more than just over the holidays.  It's the kind of gift that everyone wants to brag about and show to everyone they know.  It's the Christmas present that keeps on giving for generations yet to come.

"To our children's children... My scrapbook of memories."  Wes Waddell

How Could it Get Any Better?

Better is in the packaging...

What if you were to have your finished custom story book scrapbook pages made into a REAL HARDBOUND BOOK, complete with custom cover and anything you want on the back?

Now you would be a real published author... wouldn't you!

Imagine the pride your family will have in knowing that their family and memories are published in a real actual hardbound book.  They'll want to show it to the whole world... won't they?

Now, what if you could go even one better than that?

NOT POSSIBLE, you say...

What if you were to record yourself or another family member reading the Twas the Night Before Christmas - A Visit From St. Nicholas story?  What if you then had that audio added to a photo slide show, full motion video DVD of your custom story book pages?

The whole story would then come alive with not only the memories of the past, but the actual voice or voices of your loved ones. 

What will that be worth to your family not only today, but years from now?

Memories and Voices From the Past!

I don't pretend to know what your families memories are worth to you and I certainly don't know what they will be worth to generations to come.  But, I know what it would mean to me if I was able to have all of the above from my grandmother, who's no longer with us, or my parents. 

I know what it means to my grandkids to have that Christmas DVD with their 9 year old mommy in it!  You can't put a price on it.

You just need to ask yourself one simple question... what are you willing to do to share your memories with your future generations?  What is something like this going to be worth to your family?

Once you know that answer, you can then go to our Purchase Information page and decide how little or how much you're going to spend.  You've read this far, so I know you already know that this really is THE GIFT of gifts this year...  Your only decision is how far are you going to take it.

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