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St Nick or Santa Claus and his sleigh with tini raindeer.Twas the night before christmase - a visit by st nick.

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Twas the Night Before Christmas - A Visit From St. Nick - Scrapbook

It Twas the night before christmas - A visit from St. Nick.The Perfect Home Business

Looking for a little extra cash for the holidays?  This is the perfect part time or even full time business opportunity... and it won't cost you an arm and a leg to get started.

You know that there are a lot of people out there that don't have the time, even as quick as these templates make it, to do a heirloom quality story book scrapbook project.  And there are even more who, while they probably do have the time, just simply won't want to take the time to do it.

Many of those, would pay quite a bit to have someone who knows the system do it for them.  That's where you and our commercial license come in. 

Below, you'll find the short version... call or write any time if you have questions.

Another visite from St. Nick - Twas The Night Before Christmas holiday theme scrapbook pages.How Does it Work?

You purchase the Commercial License for the Twas the Night Scrapbook templates.

This grants you permission to create and sell, fully completed Twas the Night Before Christmas Story Book Scrapbooks.  No limits and no residuals or other payments.  Every penny you make is yours from that point on. (One License per address/business required)

One thing you can't do is to sell the blank templates.  You can become an affiliate and get 40% commission on any referred sales you send us.  That includes 40% of any commercial licenses.  So, if you know anyone in another town or state that would be interested in doing this too... why not make a few dollars just by telling them about it.

You set your own rates and fees, put your own packages together and are free to market your services any way you wish.  We'll help, but more on that later.

If you have ever created scrapbooks for others, you know how hard it can be at times to meet the clients expectations and design criteria.  You don't have any of those problems with the Story Book Scrapbook.

The designs and number of pages are already set.

You create a template with the cover and all the backgrounds in advance using your favorite scrapbook or photo editing software.  We even provide starter templates for PaintShop Pro, Adobe PhotoShop and OpenOffice.

Save it and now you have the book all laid out for each client from then on.  Now all you have to do is open a copy of the template for each client and insert their photos and journaling.  That includes their name on the custom cover and spine. 

How much time will that save you?

The number of pages is set and makes it easy for you to set a minimum and maximum number of photos.  They know the story, so it's easy for them to number the images #1 through #X and then provide any journaling/titles to go with each photo.  You can even create a simple text file and have them fill it out on their computer so all you do is cut and paste them into the template.  Another BIG time saver!

Now, depending on your package... you just print and bind it yourself (if you didn't hand scrap the preprinted pages), save it to CD, send it to be made into a real hardbound book (we'll help you get wholesale pricing), or send it out, with a custom sound file, to be made into a full motion still video DVD (again, we'll help you get wholesale pricing).

By the way, that custom sound file: that could be another paid part of your package.  How much more valuable is it for you to take a laptop/digital recorder and a good headset microphone to their home and show them how to create the MP3 or WAV file to use in telling the story on DVD?  Or what if you created a mix of their favorite Christmas songs to play during the show?

You're in charge, it's your business and it's all up to you how many package options you take advantage of.  You can even come up with your own options.  We provide the templates and let you run your business.

What do I Get?

With your Commercial License, you get the following:

Full Commercial use of the full page sets of Twas the Night Scrapbook. You get full access to the 8.5x11 pages with and without words, the 12x12 sets with and without words and the Landscape bonus set. 

You get access to our wholesale pricing for the Real Hardbound Books and the Video DVDs.  Special Commercial Members area with all the order forms and prices.

If you provide us with contact information, a Bio and Photo, we'll list you on this site for those that want to find someone to do a book for them.  If you have your own web site (and you should) we'll also post your link. 

Full access to any and all promotional materials that we create for the site, ready for you to customize and use for your business. 

Kathy's also working on more Story Book Scrapbooks.  You'll get priority notice and discount license rates for all the new scrapbooks.  Look for another holiday story in the September/October time frame.

You also get to call us anytime to ask questions or get technical support on how to set up the templates, order the books/videos or just to get ideas for marketing your business. 

You are really getting a complete business in a box, so to speak.

What's it Going to Cost?

Now for the best part...

It's only a one time fee of just $97.00 for all of it.

Less than $100.00 to start your own home based business, complete with product, marketing materials, and wholesale up-sell products.  And, you have a friend in the business you can call if you have questions or need help.

So, if you're ready to earn a little extra cash for the holidays...

Commercial License $97.00

If you have any questions... hit the Contact Us button below and write or call.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  8 full weeks to check it out.  100% money back if your not completely satisfied.