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St Nick or Santa Claus and his sleigh with tini raindeer.Twas the night before christmase - a visit by st nick.

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Twas the Night Before Christmas - A Visit From St. Nick

Twas the night before christmas - A visit from St. Nick.Turn it into a Christmas DVD

Just click the screen image to the left or click the link below it to see a sample.  It's only a 1 minute sample, but it's in full resolution so fill your screen and get a really good idea of what your DVD will look like.

You just have got to see this. it's amazing what Beth was able to do with my finished page images.  I just recorded the sound track, sent it and the page images to them on a CD and Beth made this totally amazing DVD Video happen. 

Twas the Night Scrapbook Video Sample: This is just the first minute of the DVD I had created from the Pages that Kathy made.  I couldn't believe how good it turned out.  This is easily a $200 to $300 production.  And you can get one just like it for less than $100.00.

The best Christmas gift of 2006 may have just become the best Christmas gift you'll ever give.

A visit from St. Nick - Twas The Night Before Christmas holiday themed scrapbook pages.

About the DVD:

This is a prepaid DVD Video Certificate.  You get 56 Scrapbook page images plus a custom title page all with premium custom zooming.  That's where instead of just panning around the full page image, the page actually transitions to just the photo's on each page as it did in the sample above.

We recommend you use the Landscape versions of the slides as they will fill the screen of your TV and/or monitor, but you can use the 12x12 or Portrait templates if you choose to.  You'll just end up with more blank border area when the whole page image is shown.  It will have no effect on the custom zooming on the images.

On top of that, you have the option to record and include your own custom soundtrack to go with the video.  In my example, I simply read the story with about 12 seconds between page images to allow for the custom zoom views.  I then merged the voice sound track with Christmas music at a lower volume in the background.  I'm by no means a pro at this, but it wasn't that hard to do.  You could do the same thing by just recording the story with the Christmas music playing in the background loud enough for your microphone to pick it up.

For those of you that don't want a voice, you can just send several of your favorite Christmas songs along or Beth will be happy to add some that she has.

You could even record several members of the family reading the story or commenting about the images and memories in the photo's. 

It's CUSTOM so you can make it anything you like!

Once Beth and her team have created your totally amazing heirloom video, they record it to High Quality DVD with a custom label and case.  It's then on its way to you in just a few days after they receive your images and soundtrack.  For our Grand Opening... shipping is included in the package.*

The order form even makes it easy to order extra copies so you have all the gifts for the whole family.

The certificate, order form and more detailed instructions are all in the members area and you get instant access once you purchase your certificate.

Kathy and I are also always here to help if you have questions or need help getting the package ready to send in.  We are just an e-mail or phone call away.

We'll make sure you can do this!

Pricing Options:

Current Account Holders:  Please log into your Members Home page and use the Add/Renew box to order your TTN Video DVD (near the bottom of the list)

For our new Clients:

Video DVD:  56 page images plus title page all with custom zooming on page photos.  Prepaid Certificate with our limited time Grand Opening special *FREE Shipping/Handling: Grand Opening Price = $77.00

Video DVD $77.00

* FREE Shipping and Handling is for the USA and Canada only.  Additional costs for shipping to other countries.  Call or write for estimated rates.